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Here at Broomall Total Health Center, we are proud to be providing whole family healthcare from infancy to one’s golden years and every stage in between. Our expert Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Belitsky, is excited and passionate about helping people to feel their absolute best in many different ways. To achieve the best results, he ensures that the Broomall Total Health Center team located in Broomall, PA, treats their patients holistically and comprehensively by evaluating all components of their unique health needs.

To us, a healthy family is the cornerstone of our practice. Whether you are looking for safe and natural healthcare or are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, a non-medicated way of reducing stress, or looking for a great way to improve your nutrition and lose weight, we are here to help you. Care at our office includes specialized Chiropractic Care for all ages, Spinal Decompression, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, and other natural non-surgical solutions that expedite healing and provide the very highest standard of healthcare for you and your loved ones in a comfortable, patient-friendly setting.

At Broomall Total Health Center, our patients’ goals come first as we are ready to listen to your concerns, and we look forward to helping you get back into life. Our unique approach is more proactive and very effective when compared to traditional care for both chronic and acute pain. We are committed to helping as many people as possible in our lifetime to change the way people think about “Health Care” by providing healthcare with a difference!

Traditional Care is One Thing. Total Health Care is Everything.

{In my opinion, Dr. Belitsky and his professional staff offer the best, most complete therapy and rehabilitation program for spinal related problems.
S.E.S., Havertown, PA
{As a retired chiropractor who uses Broomall Total Health Center, I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Belitsky for his caring and professional attitude.
P.L. D.C., Rosemont, PA
{Every visit to the Broomall Total Health Center has been a pleasant experience. The friendly staff are wonderful.
L.C., Springfield, PA
{This has been my first experience with a chiropractor and I am extremely pleased with Dr. Belitsky's treatments and my rapid progress.
M.M., Broomall, PA
{Dr. Belitsky was the only doctor who determined I had a slight spine curvature. His chiropractic treatments have corrected the curvature and changed my life.
L.A.F., Broomall, PA
{Before I saw Dr. Belitsky, I thought I had tried every treatment for my back. Now I realize I could have avoided many years of pain if I had started treatments with him earlier.
D.J.L., Media, PA
{Dr. Belitsky took on my health challenge and made me feel better. He's the best.
F.W., Springfield, PA
{I always feel better when I leave the Broomall Total Health Center.
V.H.S., Wayne, PA
{I like that Dr. Belitsky explains everything to me and welcomes my questions.
A.D., West Chester, PA

Call (610) 353-2220 To Schedule Your Consultation!

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