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Thank you with all my heart!

Dear Dr. Belitsky,

I want you to know that I have really appreciated your care these past several months. My life is immensely improved since being treated by you. Besides addressing my physical and emotional issues, you compassionate listening and sharing have been therapeutic for me use to feel like no one could really see or hear me: now I have the power to make myself seen and heard.

Thank you with all of my heart.


Congratulations to Mom and Baby

We welcome our youngest and newest patient Eileen (Leenie). 4 weeks early, 5 lbs and Mom is almost 51! Yes 51 and her 1st child. Congratulations to her wonderful and brave new mother!

The best place around!

In my opinion, Dr. Belitsky and his professional staff offer the best, most complete therapy and rehabilitation program for spinal related problems.

S.E.S., Havertown, PA

I recommend Dr. Belitsky

As a retired chiropractor who uses Broomall Total Health Center, I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Belitsky for his caring and professional attitude.

P.L. D.C., Rosemont, PA

The friendly staff are wonderful

Every visit to the Broomall Total Health Center has been a pleasant experience. The friendly staff are wonderful.

L.C., Springfield, PA

I am extremely pleased with my rapid progress

This has been my first experience with a chiropractor and I am extremely pleased with Dr. Belitsky's treatments and my rapid progress.

M.M., Broomall, PA

Chiropractic treatments changed my life...

Dr. Belitsky was the only doctor who determined I had a slight spine curvature. His chiropractic treatments have corrected the curvature and changed my life.

L.A.F., Broomall, PA

I should have started earlier

Before I saw Dr. Belitsky, I thought I had tried every treatment for my back. Now I realize I could have avoided many years of pain if I had started treatments with him earlier.

D.J.L., Media, PA

He's the best!

Dr. Belitsky took on my health challenge and made me feel better. He's the best.

F.W., Springfield, PA

It just works!

I always feel better when I leave the Broomall Total Health Center.

V.H.S., Wayne, PA

Dr. Belitsky explains everything

I like that Dr. Belitsky explains everything to me and welcomes my questions.

A.D., West Chester, PA

Dr. Belitsky is the best thing that has happened to our health

At the time my 7 year old son was complaining of headaches and had actually passed out in school several times. We took him to his doctor who recommended a neurologist that wanted to put him on heavy-duty migraine medications. My husband and I were not willing to take that route so we took him to see Dr. Belitsky. He pressed a couple of points in his neck and with a few adjustment the headaches were gone. He is now 10 and has never had another headache. Dr. Belitsky is the best thing that has happened to our health.

R.&V.P., Broomall, PA

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